24 Jan


Smitty won this week, he also came up and stole 4th place. Congrats to him. Jake won first James second and Jackie third. Congrats to all. Another great season. Payment will be made next week. See everyone hopefully next year.

19 Jan


Melissa WINS AGAIN! I think thats a record. Jake locks up the top spot, James locks the 2nd spot, 3rd and 4th are still up in the air with only 2 picks left. GOOD LUCK.

If you owe me money I NEEEED IT THIS WEEK!

12 Jan


Pat is this weeks winner. He beat out Jake for the weekly win with a better U/O by 1 point. Congrats to him. Jake also takes the top stop back from James.

3 Jan

New Week / Playoffs

For all newcomers this is the way the playoffs work: There are 4 games, You get to choose which game your U/O is for. How to put the U/O in: Lets say you want to put the U/O in for the OAK/Houst game; In the U/O box you will add OAK48. If you do not put a team name in the U/O box it will be used for the last game on the list. If you put in a team in the comments..... I WILL NOT ACCEPT IT. I dont even look at the comments half the time to be honest.

3 Jan


Last winner of the regular season is Melissa. We also have a new number 1 in YTD, just in time for the playoffs. Its going to be a great close race. Cant wait! Good Luck.

29 Dec


Tom was last weeks winner. I also need everyone to pay up if you owe money. The buy in was $200 please get me the remainder of the balance this week. Thank You.

22 Dec


All but a couple games will be played Saturday instead of Sunday. Please get ALL of your picks in by SATURDAY at 1. Anything after that will not be put in.

22 Dec


Justin is this weeks winner congrats to him!
Jake stumbled this week. The top spot just got that much closer its anybodies game!

15 Dec


Gerard is this weeks winner congrats to him!

7 Dec


Guys if you owe me money for the year please get it to me. I dont want to scramble for it the last week of the season like i always do. So PLEASE get it to me ASAP.

7 Dec

Week 13 Winner

This weeks winner is Rodney.

1 Dec

Week 12 Winner

Flip is this weeks winner with a whopping 119 points.

23 Nov

Week 11 Winner

There was a tie this week between Jen and Billy Sr. But there is only one winner. The total of mondays game was 47. Billy Sr had 41 and Jenn had 48. Jen went over so Billy Sr wins this week! Tough week. congrats Billy!

15 Nov

Week 10 Winner

Barbara is this weeks winner, Congrats to her!

Guys thank you for be patient with me while I was away in the islands. I'm back now though.

8 Nov

Week 9 Winner

Henry is this weeks winner. My internet here is spotty at best. Trying the best I can to update everything timely.

2 Nov

Week 9 Up

Guys I will be in St. Martin from Saturday to the following Monday. Please be patient in the web posts as I do not know the status of internet I will have. I will try to get everything updated in a timely manner as best I can. Thank You.

1 Nov

Week 8 Winner

Jen is this weeks winner congrats to her!

26 Oct

Week 7 Winner

Melissa is this weeks winner! Picks for Week 8 are up also. Remember there is another Sunday morning game this week!

20 Oct

Week 7 Notes

There is a Sunday morning game this week. NYG / LA please pick this game with your thursday picks. If you are late with the pick it will not count.

13 Oct

Week 6 Up ready to pick

11 Oct

Week 5 Winner

Jason is this weeks winner, with an almost perfect score.

4 Oct

Winner Week 4

Dolores is this weeks winner with a whopping 114 points. Congrats!

29 Sep

9:30 AM GAME!!!!!!!!

Reminder: There is a 9am game tomorrow~!!!!~ make sure to get your pick in before game time. If anyone trys to put the pick in late. It will automatically be removed and you will lose those points. Indy, Jax game 9:30am Sunday

29 Sep

Week 4 Updated

Make your picks!

27 Sep

Week 3 Closed

LiL G is the winner this week. Website is updated. Point spreads should be out tomorrow.

22 Sep

Week 3 Updated

Make your picks.

20 Sep

Week 2 Winner

Jake is this weeks winner congrats to him!

Thank You.

15 Sep

Week 2

Yes week 2 already!!!! Spreads are up. GOOD LUCK!!

Thank You.

12 Sep

Please Read

If you send in multiple picks. I will be using the last ones you send in. So if you make a mistake please resend in ALLLLLL of your picks. Do not just send me 1 pick! I am not a mind reader and I do not know what is intended. If you want to change one or 2 of your picks. YOU MUST RESEND ALL OF YOUR PICKS!!!! Thank You.

12 Sep

Scores Updated

All scores have been updated, Sorry for the delay. There were some issues early on and I was at the Jet/Bengal game so that didnt help. The What if section is up as well. We already have our first winner. Frank E. No one can reach him. So congrats to him.

8 Sep


The picks are updated you can view other players picks for tonights game under "Players Picks" click View All.

Please Note:
1) If you are not getting an email showing your picks please check your junk folder.
2) Please be careful of duplicate picks. My software automatically deletes the lowest duplicate pick. If you see that you have a blank space in your picks, this means it was a duplicate and it was removed.
3) If the website is down or you cannot make picks please email me your picks @ gary@nohs.us

6 Sep

WebSite Updated

The point spreads are updated. Just click on the 'Make Picks' link on the side. enter your name and the email you had gave me and make your picks.

PLEASE NOTE: I know the Rams are in LA now. My Sheets still say STL for the Rams. I will not be able to fix this, this week. So please hold your emails.

6 Sep

WebSite Updated

The Spread will be up soon!!!! Check back for a status update. If you have any questions regarding rules or how everything works please email me. Read below for some frequently asked questions:

1.) What game is the U/O for? The U/O is for the last game listed on the sheet.
2.) Explanation of U/O: The U/O is used as a tie breaker if more then one person has the same amount of points when the games are finished. Whoever is the closest WITHOUT going over is the winner. For example if the score ends up 14 - 7, if you picked 21 you are golden, if you picked 32 you automatically lose. Anyone who doesn't put one in automatically goes OVER.
3.) Do I need to pick all the games on Thursday? You can if you want to, but you do not have to. The point spreads will stay the same all week long. I only update them on Wednesday.
4.) When are my picks due? All games on Thursday's and Saturday's have to be enter by game time. All other games have to be entered by 12:30 Sunday afternoon. No late picks will be excepted.
5.) Do I need to enter my Thursday picks when I make my picks on Sunday? Yes, if you do not remember where you put your pick you can click the 'Players Picks' Link on the side menu to view your recent picks. Please add this pick when you are making your Sunday selections.
6.) What happens if I put my Thursday pick in the wrong spot by mistake? I will replace that pick with whatever pick you had in that same spot. For example: If you picked the Pats to win for 5points, but on Sunday you have Oakland on 5points and Pats in 15points. Oakland and the Pats would automatically switch. So now Oakland would be your 15 pointer.

31 Aug
Hi everyone! Its about that time of year again! I know im excited, new year new hopes!

The first game is Thursday Sep 10th! Pitt @ NE. The game starts at 8:30pm Please get you pick in by 8PM.

Note: You do not need to enter all games at this point. You just have to enter the Thursday night game. If you wish to complete your sheet on Thursday thats fine. But you do not have to.

All other picks have to be in by 12:30 Sunday's If you do not get your picks in by game time I will NOT accept any picks after that. No 4pm games not even the monday night game. So make sure to get your picks in on time!

Payment: Please either email me at gary@nohs.us text me to setup arrangements to drop off money. The easiest way to pay is via PayPal.

PayPal payments: Send to user: gnohs@yahoo.com
DO NOT! charge me for this convenience I expect the full amount of the payment. Paypal doesn't charge much if anything. Same goes for me paying winnings I will not pay the service charge. If you want to save a couple cents you can always drop off and pickup cash from me. I will have a list of players on the site next week as I still have people joining. Please verify that you and or your friends are on this list. Thank you! Good luck to everyone!

31 Aug

It's Almost That Time!

If you havent done so yet. Please make payments via PayPal to gnohs@yahoo.com. NOTE: DO NOT PASS THE CHARGE TO ME. I EXPECT TO SEE THE FULL AMOUNT TRANSFERRED AND PAYED FOR. Like always you still have the option of coming to me and dropping off cash or check. PayPal is a convenience to you.

7 Aug

Welcome Back!

If you are looking to rejoin and play again this year. Please email me at gary@nohs.us