26 Jan

End of a great year!

Edward is the winner this week with a difference of -4. He also got second place with his win this week. Congrats to him. I will be paying out the top 4 this upcoming week. If you owe me money please get it to me ASAP!!!

16 Jan

Last week

ONLY 2 Games to choose from this week! Please follow the rules written below regarding the uo. If you owe money please get it to me ASAP!

6 Jan


LiL G is the winner this week. Smitty is our YTD Winner as no one can catch him with only 2 games left! Congrats to him! I am paying out top 4 and the other 3 spots are up for grabs! GOOD LUCK!

2 Jan

Happy New Year!

Playoffs are starting and we only have 3 more weeks to pick! ALL PICKS MUST BE IN BEFORE GAME START SATURDAY!!!

U/O: For the playoffs: You get to choose which game your u/o is for!!!! Please add the teams initials to the u/o box when submitting your picks. Example: 42-Cin

Those left blank will be defaulted to the last game on Sunday Night. DO NOT add the team in the comments as this will not be recorded. It will only be recorded by following the rules above.

29 Dec


Edward is this weeks winner! Congrats!

26 Dec

Merry Christmas!

Thgis is the last week of the regular season. REMEMBER!!!: This league goes until the conference championship! So there are still 3 weeks after the regular season to win for the week! Good luck everyone!

18 Dec

Saturday Games!

A reminder: There are 2 Saturday games this week. Make sure you get the saturday picks in before game start. Once the game starts I will be taking down those picks. Good Luck!

16 Dec


Well Johnny Football is NOT this weeks winner! Kim is! Congrats to her. She won with 110 points. The YTD board is as tight as it has ever been, these last few weeks are going to come down to the wire!

11 Dec

@STL -4.5 Arizona

9 Dec


Marissa CRUSHED it this week and is our week 14 winner! Congrats to her for killing it this week. LiL G was also replaced as our YTD leader for the first time since week 2.

2 Dec


When I posted the last update on Sunday Night, I had put NE as a win. Which in fact they did not cover. I fixed the issue. Sorry about that! Thanks for those who let me know about this.

Jason Is our winner this week congrats to him!

30 Nov


I will be on the road driving home today. I posted what I got already. I will be stopping to watch the 1pm games wherever I land at that time. So if they have wifi I will finish updating the games. If not the updates will happen later today. Enjoy your Sunday!

27 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving

It is now 11:00am. I am heading to VT, and wont be able to update the picks again until I get to the hotel. I put up everyone that sent their picks in as of 11am. Reminder....... you must get all 3 picks in by 1230. I will not accept any of todays picks after 1230. You are not able to send the other 2 games in after the start of the first game. Good luck to everyone!

25 Nov


LiL G is our winner again. Seems like when the Bengals do good he does good.

Seems like noone had any issues with the emails this weekend. So I'm happy about that.

I will be in Maine from Wednesday morning to Sunday Night. Please remember there are 3 games on Thursday and you need to get ALL 3 games in by the start of the first game. Otherwise I will not except them. Happy Holidays Everyone Stay Safe!

20 Nov


Everything is back to normal! Congrats to Bill B with his second win this season! things are close up top and its anyone game. Picks are in. Full spreads will be out tomorrow.

20 Nov

@K.C. -7 Oak

I still have to update last Mondays game and add points to whoever picked TENN. One of my emails got hacked on this website and they were sending out spam. This is why emails were not working last week. This is also why I havent updated the monday night game yet, as my hosting company changed all my passwords. Everything should be good now. I only have the one game up at the moment I will have everything else updated by tonight.

16 Nov

Emails Broke

I got everyones picks. I notice that many of you didnt get emails back confirming the picks. I will look into the issue later. Important thing is that I got everyones picks.

13 Nov

Weekly Winner

Tom is our weekly winner! Congrats to him!

9 Nov


I was at the pool hall/bar on Thursday and was having trouble hooking up to their wifi and couldnt update the website. I forgot that I didnt put the picks up for Thursdays game. My apologizes. Anyone that sent their Thursday game in and was in a different spot than it was on Thursday, those 2 games automatically gets swapped. There was only a hand ful of people that had them in the wrong spot. So if your picks were changed that's why. Good Luck Today!

PS: If you owe money please get with me or your rep.

6 Nov

@Cinn -6 Clev

4 Nov

Franks The Winner!

Frank wins this week in a close race. Surprising how many people did so well missing so many games on bye weeks. Congrats to Frank see you all in a couple days!

28 Oct

Week 8 Winner

Dolores is our big winner this week. Along with the Washington Redskins upsetting Dallas and almost killing Tony Romo.

21 Oct


Flip is this weeks big winner with a score of 108. Congrats to him. This thursday is a big game. Who are you going to choose? Denver or SD? Come back tomorrow for the spread.
**Note, please refresh your screen if you don't see the website updates. I know some people are having issues not seeing the updates. Please try to hit the refresh button on your browser.

14 Oct


Congrats to Bill B and his cowgirls for winning this week. Tony Homo actually played well. Also congrats to the NYG for showing everyone how good they are.

7 Oct

Week 5 Winner

Frank is the winner this week. He won by the narrowest of margins! Congrats to him! Check back tomorrow for the weekly lines.

23 Sep

Chris is the winner!

What a finish! Chris and Linda tied with the same amount of points. So it goes to whoever is closer to the monday night total score (without going over). Chris had 46 and Linda with 45. The total was 46! Chris hit it right on the head and wins this weeks prize. Congrats!

18 Sep

@ATL -6.5 TB

It is now 7:40 I put in what I had. I will check again for picks tomorrow if they got in before game start they will count for this weeks total. I have pool to shoot and cant update the website for the rest of the night. GOOD LUCK!

12 Sep

Week 2

Updated and ready to go! Good luck!

11 Sep

@Balt -2.5 Pitt

Tonights game, I hope they both kill each other! Good luck everyone!

9 Sep

Results Week 1

Gerard is our week 1 winner! Congrats to him he won 220.

If you know anyone else that wants to join the pool. Let me know this is the last week someone can join.

5 Sep

Week 1

Those of you who missed the first game, please leave your #1 pick BLANK. Everyone else please put your pick in the appropriate spot. *****Important***** If you do not put your pick in the right spot i will automatically switch spots of teams. So make sure you put it in the right spot. If not don't complain that your pick was changed. If you dont remember you can simply 'view all' under players picks.

Picks are to be in no later than 12:30 Sunday. NO PICKS will be excepted after that. I will not update any picks after that time. GOOD LUCK!

3 Sep

@Sea -6 GB

Website is updated, click on "make pick" to the left. To make your pick for the first game of the year! If you do not make a pick you will automatically lose your 1pnt game. Good Luck to everyone!

If you do not get your pick in before game time, your pick will not count! This goes for Sundays also. I will not be hunting people down or allowing ANY picks after 12:50.

3 Sep

First Game of the Year!

The first game of the year is GB @ Seattle. Seattle is -6. I will have the sheet and website updated for you to put your pick in later tonight or tomorrow. I am just waiting on some email addresses for me to enter in.

If this is your first time playing, You only have to enter in Thursday nights game. You can put them anywhere from 16-1 depending on how confident you feel. Good Luck. I will post again when the web site is ready to accept your picks. Thanks!@

1 Sep


You guys came together and found more people for the pool this year. Thanks to everyone trying to get more people. As of right now i have around 45 which I will continue the pool this year. Thanks for all your efforts.

The sheet with be on the site on Wednesday. Get your Thursday pick in by Thursday 7pm. Thanks guys for coming together.

31 Aug


Im about 10 people short this year. Im going to have to cancel this years pool. I hope to see more people next year! Good luck to everyone and there teams. Unless they reside in the AFC North.