24 Nov


Lines are up. First game is at 1230 please get all in by then.

18 Nov

@JAGS -3 Tenn

17 Nov


The Bengals lost but Melissa won! Congrats to her.

12 Nov

@NYJ -2.5 Buff

10 Nov


Joe is our winner this week! Congrats to him. John is holding firm to the top spot. Almost half way through the pool already!

4 Nov

@CINN -11 Clev

3 Nov


Brian Nohs is our winner this week. Congrats to him. We also have a new number 1 in the YTD John. Its getting close! People are starting to seperate themselves. Keep up the good work!

Lines will be posted tomorrow.

28 Oct

Thursday and London

Guys please pick both games that are in green! Thanks!

27 Oct


Jason is this weeks winner! Congrats to him. The season keeps on trucking along. GO BENGALS!

20 Oct

Sea -6 @SF


20 Oct


Once again I'm sorry for the delay. Everything is now back to normal and I shouldnt have any more issues.

James is our winner this week. Congrats to him! We also have a new YTD leader in John.

18 Oct

Technical Issues

My PC is still broken. I have to get all picks updated manually. This as you can imagine will take some time. Give me until tonight or tomorrow morning to get everything updated as I I'm in the process of fixing my laptop.

14 Oct


The JOES have it! All three joes this week came in the top three. The winner being Joe Blaze! Congrats to him pulling off a hard fought week!

7 Oct

@Houston -1 Indy

6 Oct


Jessica is our winner this week! She came close a couple weeks and finally brought home the win. Congrats to her for winning and taking the YTD top spot.

30 Sep

Balt -2.5 @Pitt

Jets -1.5 Miami

Please Pick BOTH Games before the THURSDAY NIGHT GAME!

29 Sep

London Game on Sunday Morning

Guys, this weekend the Jets vs Miami game is being played on Sunday morning at 9:30am. I need everyone to put this pick in with your Thursday Night game. I will not count this game if it comes in on Sunday.

29 Sep

Big Winner!

This weeks winner is John, He crushed everyone else by atleast 24 points! Congrats to him!

23 Sep

@NYG -3.5 WASH

22 Sep


What a HORRIBLE week for most. but Not for Dolores she comes out on top and wins this weeks prize. With all the upsets this week it was hard to come out a head. But somehow she squeaked by with a win!

20 Sep


Please note that I update the 'Players picks' manually. I update this page before Thursdays game and hopefully by 1pm on Sunday.

17 Sep

Thursday Games

Website Updated. For those who dont know. Almost every week there is a Thursday Night Game.

15 Sep

Week 1 Winner

Rick is our FIRST winner this season! Congrats to win as he wins the $200 weekly prize.

This is also a reminder to verify that your picks come in on time. If you dont get a response email. Please check your Junk folder and unblock the sender. Everyone should get a email unless you spelled your email wrong. If you do not get a email back please email me at gary@nohs.us and let me know you sent in your picks but didnt get a confirm email. I will verify.

10 Sep


Website is updated, you can view everyones picks by clicking players picks on the left. Good Luck to everyone!

9 Sep

WebSite Updated

You can now make your picks. If you have any questions regarding rules or how everything works please email me. Read below for some frequently asked questions:

1.) What game is the U/O for? The U/O is for the last game listed on the sheet.
2.) Explanation of U/O: The U/O is used as a tie breaker if more then one person has the same amount of points when the games are finished. Whoever is the closest WITHOUT going over is the winner. For example if the score ends up 14 - 7, if you picked 21 you are golden, if you picked 32 you automatically lose. Anyone who doesn't put one in automatically goes OVER.
3.) Do I need to pick all the games on Thursday? You can if you want to, but you do not have to. The point spreads will stay the same all week long. I only update them on Wednesday.
4.) When are my picks due? All games on Thursday's and Saturday's have to be enter by game time. All other games have to be entered by 12:30 Sunday afternoon. No late picks will be excepted.
5.) Do I need to enter my Thursday picks when I make my picks on Sunday? Yes, if you do not remember where you put your pick you can click the 'Players Picks' Link on the side menu to view your recent picks. Please add this pick when you are making your Sunday selections.
6.) What happens if I put my Thursday pick in the wrong spot by mistake? I will replace that pick with whatever pick you had in that same spot. For example: If you picked the Pats to win for 5points, but on Sunday you have Oakland on 5points and Pats in 15points. Oakland and the Pats would automatically switch. So now Oakland would be your 15 pointer.

31 Aug
Hi everyone! Its about that time of year again! I know im excited, new year new hopes!

The first game is Thursday Sep 10th! Pitt @ NE. The game starts at 8:30pm Please get you pick in by 8PM.

Note: You do not need to enter all games at this point. You just have to enter the Thursday night game. If you wish to complete your sheet on Thursday thats fine. But you do not have to.

All other picks have to be in by 12:30 Sunday's If you do not get your picks in by game time I will NOT accept any picks after that. No 4pm games not even the monday night game. So make sure to get your picks in on time!

Payment: Please either email me at gary@nohs.us text me to setup arrangements to drop off money. The easiest way to pay is via PayPal.

PayPal payments: Send to user: gnohs@yahoo.com
DO NOT! charge me for this convenience I expect the full amount of the payment. Paypal doesn't charge much if anything. Same goes for me paying winnings I will not pay the service charge. If you want to save a couple cents you can always drop off and pickup cash from me. I will have a list of players on the site next week as I still have people joining. Please verify that you and or your friends are on this list. Thank you! Good luck to everyone!

31 Aug

It's Almost That Time!

If you havent done so yet. Please make payments via PayPal to gnohs@yahoo.com. NOTE: DO NOT PASS THE CHARGE TO ME. I EXPECT TO SEE THE FULL AMOUNT TRANSFERRED AND PAYED FOR. Like always you still have the option of coming to me and dropping off cash or check. PayPal is a convenience to you.

7 Aug

Welcome Back!

If you are looking to rejoin and play again this year. Please email me at gary@nohs.us