20 Jan

End of yet another football year.

Congrats to Dolores for first place in this years pool, Chris E took 2nd and Nicole took 3rd. Ho is this weeks winner having 39 as his u/o coming within 1 point of the total. Hope to see you all next year! Have a good offseason.

17 Jan

Last Week / End of the Season

Sorry for the minimalistic updates, been very very busy and sick since the new year. The top 3 are set in stone but where they all wind up is anyones guess. Good Luck to them. All winnings for the top 3 YTD winners will be released superbowl weekend. This weeks U/O is going to be very important! So make sure you pick the game and the UO! Put the team you want inside the u/o box when you send your picks in! If you do not put that information in that box your u/o will be for the SF/Sea game.

3 Jan


Those of you that are new or those of you that need a reminder. The Playoff Rounds are a little different. You get to choose which game you want your U/O to be for. In the U/O box please put in your number and one team from the game you want the u/o to be for. For example; In the U/O box you can put, 32 GB. If you do not name a team in the U/O box your U/O will default to the last game. Good Luck to all. Please get ALL picks in on Saturday before the first game starts (4:30).

31 Dec

Congrats and Happy New Year!

The last post of the 2013 season! Rasleen is this weeks winner with an amazing 115 points! congrats to her. Happy New Year to everyone! Be safe and enjoy.

28 Dec


I'm heading to the Bengal game early on Sunday. I wont have everyones picks in until I get back from the end of the game. Probably around 5-6. I put up what I have so far.

24 Dec

Merry Christmas!

Rodney is our Christmas winner! Congrats to him. There is only one more Full Week left! That means you have one more week to make a big jump (or fall). Good luck to all that can crack the top 3.

I'm heading to Cincinnati on Thursday, Stopping in Pittsburgh to pee on the stadium. Ill be on the road most of Friday driving from pitt to cinn. So once I get in on Friday night ill do the spreads. And if no spreads come out by Saturday...I probably got arrested in Pittsburgh for a bar fight. So goto footballlocks.com and use there spreads. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

20 Dec

Week 16

Week 16 Spread is up! Good luck!

13 Dec


Website it up to update, lines are out. If you owe me please get with me within the next couple weeks. I need everything by the end of the reg season. Thanks! BTW there are no more Thursday Night games.

10 Dec


ITS SNOWING OUT! Sorry but I'm excited. I'm just glad I don't work outside anymore! Congrats to TJ for his 2nd win this season! The YTD Board is ohhhhh so VERY close. Only a few more full weeks left guys! It's game time!

6 Dec


Crazy day at work today, will get website updated asap. Prob tonight.

29 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone had a happy and safe Thanksgiving. Websites updated. Went to Hunter to go ski today thats why the spreads up a little later then usual. Good Luck to all.

26 Nov

Winner / Turkey Day

Flip is our winner this week! He didnt only win for the week but he also took the top spot on the YTD board. Congrats to him. This is one of the closest years to date, I'm excited to see whats going to happen down the stretch.

Turkey Day! I'm putting out the lines tomorrow morning. Make sure you get all 3 games in by the first kick off. I will not take your picks as the games come and pass. The first game starts at 12:30!!!!! So make sure there in by then. Happy Thanksgiving to all. Good luck.

22 Nov


My laptop blew up last night. To keep it short I had to re-enter all picks from last week into my program. then redo all last nights picks. Non the less its all taken care of and everything is good to go for this weekend. Good Luck!

19 Nov


It came down to the U/O this week between Rick and Dan R. Dan R is our winner this week he had the closer U/O without going over. Congrats to him!

15 Nov

It's Friday!

Bad news is that everyone won last night besides the people who missed there picks. Which is probably better off. Good news? It's Friday! Hope you all have a great weekend. Spreads for Sunday are up, Good Luck!

12 Nov


Sorry for the delay I've been in court ALLLLL day starting at 8:30 and just got out at 5. TJ is our winner this week squeaking one by with a .5 victory.

10 Nov


Im missing 4 peoples picks, They must not be able to read the website when I ask EVERYONE to get there picks in by 12! If anyone of the people get there picks in after 1pm, There 1pm games will be blank. Thats means 1:01.

8 Nov


Everyone please get there Sunday picks in by 12pm!!!!! I might be going fishing at 1, so I would like to get everyone's picks in before I go catch the boat. This is only possible if you guys listen and get your picks in by 12. (Most of you do anyway but there's always a couple I have to keep reminding.)

7 Nov

My Pick

I am going to the city tonight to go see a show. So I wont be able to get everyones picks online. My pick is Minn for 16.

5 Nov


Congrats to Jason! He won this weeks payday. Its his first year in and his first win. The Leaderboard got shook up this week so check it out and see where you stand! This is one of the closest years yet.

29 Oct


Cristen is this weeks winner!!!! With a whopping 118points! This is a great score considering there were 4 byes. Congrats to her. I know this Thursday is Halloween, so please remember to put your picks in either on Wednesday or before you get a lil crazy on Thursday!

25 Oct


I havent put the picks in yet, Im very busy at work and wont be able to add up everyones Thursday night game until tonight. I managed to get the new point spread out. And you can see what everyone picked for there Thursday night game by clicking players picks "view all".

22 Oct

Weekly Winner

Cornelius is this weeks winner! Congrats to him, once Indy won he had it all wrapped up. And as Dave holds the YTD lead firmly for the past few weeks is he in for a bad week this week? Will someone dethrone him? Check back next week.

18 Oct


Everything as of 10am Friday is updated. Sundays spread is out. A whopping 17 people put Sea as there top pick. Good luck to all!

17 Oct

Thursday Night

I'm going out to dinner and wont be able to put the picks up after 6:30. I put up what I have ATM and will put up the rest later on tonight. (If I'm in decent enough shape)

15 Oct


This weeks winning were split, Congrats to Gary M for not winning his monday night game in order to split the prize! =) Come back tomorrow for the Thursday Point Spread.

11 Oct

Make Your Picks!

Ok well sense there are multiple people EVERY week making duplicate picks (Such as picking Dal twice). I put little check boxes next to each game. These are here for you to check off which games you have already picked. These are cosmetic and do no automatically check off. You dont have to use them but if your a Duplicate offender I suggest you do.

9 Oct

Chicago -8 NYG

Lets see if this is the week the Giants start playing real man football and cut the little league shit out. We shall see. All you Giant fans now know what I (Bengals fan) have been threw for over half my life. ENJOY!

8 Oct


Melissa is our winner this week, congrats to her! she had it won before the Monday night game.

6 Oct

Wrong Spot on Thursday Game

Everyone can view what they picked on Thursday night by clicking the players picks link to the left. I dont understand why some of you decide to either change your pick to a different team or put it in the wrong spot. Please double check before sending in your picks next time. Everyone that did make a mistake... The 2 teams swapped places, so if your picks dont look 'right' thats why. If it keeps happening I wont swap Teams I will just remove the team thats in the wrong place.

30 Sep

Monday Night

First off sorry for the delay, I got home around 9:30 from DC last night and passed out. Everything is updated as of now (Monday morning).

WHAT iF? My program only does a total of 4 places. If you have a chance to get 99 points if NO wins then you also have a chance of winning. If NO covers tonight 4 (or more) people will have 99 points and a chance to win. Good luck to everyone.

26 Sep

Thursday Night

I just got to DC, I put up what I have so far. Everyone else will be put up once I get back from dinner and DRINKS! OHHHHHHHH YEA! CHEERS.

24 Sep

Winner for Week 3

Congrats to Chia for winning this week! First time player and first time winner! Chia had it won ever since the 4pm games ended. Great job this week!

Check back Wend. for this Thursdays point spread.

22 Sep

Sunday Picks

I have all but 2 people up on the website. I have to drive about 40min to a bar so I can watch the Bengal game. Im still in PA and I will get those 2 missing picks up once I can.

20 Sep

Away this weekend

Guys I'll be in PA this weekend, I do not have internet service at the house. I will try and teather my phones wifi (if i get service), so I can get the picks up. My picks are up now just incase I dont get a chance. Worse comes to worse they will be up Sunday once I get home.

NOT A MISTAKE! yes the point spread for the Seattle game is 19.5, Guess the jags really suck that bad. Ridiculous

18 Sep

Thursday Night

Incase you haven't noticed yet there are Thursday Night games pretty much every week this year.

@Philly -3 KC / Is the spread.

17 Sep

Week 2 Winner(s)

Chris and Khaleel are this weeks winners. The score for monday night was 20 to 10 = 30. Since both Chris(41) and Khaleel(35) went over with there uo. The pot is split according to the rules. (Its closest without going over.) Congrats to both of them and a double congrats to Chris because she has won both week 1 and week 2 so far and rightfully has the number one spot in the YTD standings!

11 Sep

Thursday Night Game!!!

The pointspread for Thursday Nights game is; NE favored by 11.5 against the NYJ. Get your picks in before the game starts!

10 Sep


Congrats to Chris she is our first '13 winner! It came down to the last game between her and Flip. SD managed to hold on as they did lose the game but did cover the spread.

The point spread for this Thursdays game will be out tomorrow. The Jets take on the Pats this Thursday.

5 Sep

Players Picks

Game 1 is over, and im glad the Ravens got their butt kicked! Although I had them at 16 pnts and lost the match. Sundays point spreads are updated on the sheets, download or print your copy. I made some adjustments to the sheet, a new look. I had gotten tired of the old one weve been using for 6 years now.

A reminder, ALL picks are to be in at 12pm on Sunday. Please include your pick from Thursday. Everyone sending in picks for another person please use a different email then your own!

5 Sep

Players Picks

You can view everyone picks by clicking 'View All' under the players picks menu on the left. Or you can click HERE. If you have Microsoft Excel you can download the excel sheet HERE . Or you can click download under the players pick menu. Any problems email me.

I will NOT be keeping the old style, If you can not view the webpage download Adobe PDF Viewer from adobe.com.

20 Jan

First game of the season!

The defending Superbowl Champs the Baltimore Ravens face off against the Denver Broncos. A repeat of probably (In my opinion) the best game of the year. The point spread has the Broncos favored by 7.5 points!

Make your picks by clicking the Make Picks link on the left. It's VERY IMPORTANT that you use your email when sending in your picks. If you send in picks for someone else please use their email address. Also the picks are due in an hour BEFORE the game starts. Thank You and good luck to all!

20 Jan


Its almost that time again! I know ive been waiting a very very long time and I'm super excited for this upcoming season. I will be sending out a email to all the email address I have. I will be sending out an email within the next month asking who wants to play this year. If you can please email me at Gary@nohsfootball.com.